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Hello one and all. Just this weeks #LampeterLorrySpotting for your delight and delectation. Or boredom. Some taken in Llanybydder including the beautiful S650 pictured, it went past me as I was waiting for bus so thinking it was heading to Gary Rees Garage I decided to get a later bus and went down for a chat and to take pictures. A couple of coaches have sneaked in what with things opening up. Getting my second vaccination today, did think it was yesterday so like a fool went to doctors! But not all was lost as you can see from the pictures and was good to catch up with Mr Rees. See you all Sunday at 3pm for the latest #EuroTruckSimulator livestream.  Have a great Friday all.   To add as with all my pictures if you drive/own etc a truck pictured email me and I’ll send the un-watermarked version. Email also always open for comments and help and advice    

#ThrowbackThursday; Nolans New Ross

  Good morrow one and all, hope this #ThrowbackThursday finds everyone well. Nolan’s are the subject of today’s. Like me Dad always wanted to try his hand at European work. He’d done the odd trip but that was it, so when Nolan’s came calling he jumped at chance. 1998. Ended up being longest job he ever had, we Vernon’s get bored easily, and he loved it. Back then Nolan’s were one of South Wales biggest employers when it came to drivers! It was nearly all British drivers. It’s funny, and not a little infuriating when people attack the Eastern European’s who come here to work as they aren’t doing anything us Brits haven’t done before on an industrial scale.. Same at HSF, Nijmegen was nearly all British drivers. Anyhow this was my first trip to Italy. Having a Fiat Panda obsession (still am) and a subscriber to Auto Italia magazine Italy was top of my must visit list. It didn’t disappoint, it’s a fantastic country and became one of my favourite runs at Virginia. This pic was taken at Cour

Pretentious? Moi?

Yo dudez and lady dudez, how’s the shizzle? Anyhow, I’ll stop talking like a mentally disturbed teenager from 1996 and start talking like a weird 43 year old loner, and be serious. As you see on this post is my image with my name below, much like a newsletter or magazine article. This isn’t me being incredibly pretentious, well partly but because I want to start having guests feature on my blog. So, anyone interested? Just needs to be transport related but other than that anything goes. So if you’ve a subject you wish to get off your chest pop me an email. I will promote these posts in the same way and as much as I do any other post. Also what things would you like to see covered on the blog? As I said in the video recently I’m slowly pushing into a wider area, fill it with features, pictures, videos etc, of me or other people. So fire away my email is   Hope everyone’s week is shaping up well. I’ve got my second vaccination on Thursday so I’m


Hello all. In the second of this weekly Tuesday series I’ve chosen this beauty. Pictures aren’t mine, just saw online posted by company and Volvo.  I’ve mentioned often how much I love proper liveries and sad that so many have been lost over the years in favour of saving money, but my former employer Broughtons have kept theirs. It’s long been a favourite livery of mine, from Mortimer days long before I worked there and it never fails to make a truck stand out. If you wrote down a description it would probably look like a dogs dinner but in flesh is anything but.  As I say it never fails to make a Truck shine and good lord it works so well on the Volvo, their first as Broughton I believe. All that’s needed is a Renault T High in Broughton colours, imagine how amazing that would look! Come on Toby you know it makes sense! What are your favourites? Comment below (comments open don’t need to sign up or sign in). See you next Tuesday They’ve new Scania 590S just on road too

#SharpEnd; Truck & Driver Opinion Piece

Good afternoon one and all. I hope this sun and warmth we are enjoying in West Wales is the same wherever you are. We really needed this weather after what will always be in my, and other peoples darkest winter. One one hand I find myself seeing memories from a year ago and thinking it feels like last week on the other that winter never ever seemed to have an end so good f**king riddance you hateful thing! So as many know I’m a regular contributor to Truck & Driver Magazine, mostly food but also opinion pieces like this one about the London Direct Vision standard that’s just been implemented. If you do read let me know what you think (can’t post freely as that would sort of defeat the purpose of using me!). Thanks Dougie for my new tag line!  Thank you again for remarkable help you’ve given & keep giving monetary/advice/support/friendly messages. I’ll ne

#LampeterLorrySpotting & Have A Great Weekend

Hello all, hope everyone’s week went well and I hope you’re enjoying a truly magnificent sunny day like we have in West Wales currently, and have been the best part of a week. Just Friday #LampeterLorrySpotting, now a regular Friday Blog Post from here here on in, pictures of all the trucks I’ve seen and photographed while out and about (not just in Lampeter). I hope everyone has a marvellous weekend and see you Sunday evening for Euro Truck Simulator at 8pm. #ONWARD  

#ThrowBackThursday. Scania Special Edition

Does anyone else wonder where all the time is going?! It’s racing past us right now! QUICKLY, PASS ME THE LID! MY LIFE IS ESCAPING! But at least we have some glorious weather. Anyway to get to point before I bombarded you with thousands of words that lets face it no one needs. Anyhow *GET TO THE FRIGGING POINT YOU BOGGLE EYED ATTENTION SEEKING FREAK’*. So #ThrowBackThursday this week is Whites former beautiful Black Amber. Personally I’m not that interested in special editions but this one did look great. Many drivers are really into them though so they are great photography subjects. Probably my favourite edition with the Red Passion. One of plans with website is regular features on same day every week and this is one. Still need pictures of your trucks it trucks you like for Tuesday’s #TopTruckTuesday. If you’ve any ideas of features to be a weekly post let me know, I need five more to add to #ThrowBackThursday & #LampeterLorrySpotting . Also if you don’t already follow my other


Hello all, hope everyone’s week is going well. Mine is great thankyouplease. So a new website feature begins, as the title suggests it’s #TopTruckTuesday, another ‘genius’ hashtag invented by me. Anyhow I had to kick it off with a Renault T High really didn’t I! And what a T High it is! That colour is stunning and it has exactly the sort of look I’d have if I had my own truck (won’t be likely before you ask!), Durabrite Alloys, great colour, well kept. In my world less is certainly more.  If you want your truck to be have this ‘great honour’ bestowed upon it on this ‘prestige’ website* email me . Open to trucks of all shapes, sizes, types and ages. Open to old pictures too tho that might become a standalone feature, trucks in past. It really doesn’t have to be a flashy flagship! Also any quality, one of my hobbies is editing photographs, you’d be surprised at how good technically bad photos can be. This is driven by

SURPRISE! Again! - Lambs to France Part 2

Concluding part of this small bounce to France and back in 2017. Well, a large part is me talking at you today, about future of, future videos and my future plans. #Future. I think I went overboard on the futures. Anyway, future. Enjoy and see you tomorrow for my next #EuroTruckSimulator livestream. 8pm. Don’t be late. #Future.

#LampeterLorrySpotting 15/04/21

Thanks for watching if you did, can’t say I blame you if you didn’t.... Going to start streaming at regular times, do tune in, or don’t, or wash your hair, polish your ornaments or watch paint dry. Literally anything is more interesting.   Hope all are well in this sport we can tran. Here’sa free more #LampeterLorrySpotting pictures from the past week. Have a great evening Broughtons beautiful new FH (Pic from their Facebook page)