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Hello chums. I'm gonna make a little talky video tomorrow. Maybe Millie the dog will make a cameo. The reason for the video is I have a enormous piece of work related news to share with you. So........WATCH THIS SPACE! #ONWARD (You can try guessing if you want but I doubt you'll get it right ;-) ) *Picture is totally unrelated, just a lovely new FH16 I saw yesterday Luke Vernon


Yo dudes and dudettes. I've had an idea. I know, a rare occurrence. Inspired by twitter accounts who have a different guest tweeting each week I'm going to do the same with my facebook page (no ones gets their hands on my twitter). Basically each week, and for a week I'll make a different person an admin so they can then post as I do. As you can imagine this will require some rules, which I will set out below. 1. You must work in the transport industry or a closely related industry. You don't have to be a driver, in fact I'd like to see a wide variety of different people so we can all see the other sides of the industry. 2. Your posts should be work related. The Facebook page is very much all about transport and so should your posts be. 3. Absolutely no swearing, abuse, racism, homophobia etc. In general or directed at anyone. I won't tolerate this, my page is built on positivity. 4. No politics, no 'this driver cut me up' sorts of posts


I AM A DRIVING GOD! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME! The lay by turned up just in time. I'm about to eat breakfast but once I have my Holyhead - Wijchen, Holland trip continues. Where are you off to today? There will be more videos but I've been so busy lately. Is shaping up to be a very exciting summer. More details next week hopefully. (For non drivers the daily driving limit is 9hrs, printout shows 8hrs 59mins......and my smug face) Luke Vernon