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Have been super busy

Hello people's. I've been manically busy the last couple of weeks, and the Denmark video is still in the pipeline. So I am really sorry for the lack of interesting updates. Thanks so much for coming back though. The other issue I have with videos is my hard drive is pretty much jammed full (no jokes now please, think of the children) so I'm having difficulty in making the damn video in the first place. Anyhow no problem is insurmountable so I'll get there in the end I promise. In the mean time here be a picture of a pretty lorry which I saw in Liffey meats a week or two back. I think it's just right and not over the top. Anyhow, #ONWARD>>>

Sorry, again!

Howdy doods. Happy Monday to you all. If you follow my Facebook page or the Twitter doodle then you'll know I'm struggling to find a memory card that I filmed part of the Denmark trip on, hence the video delay, so apologies for that. I think I may be able to assemble the video without it though so all is not lost. However I need to finish an assignment that should have been in last week first. So once that is done I'll attack the video. Secondly I'm going to lose my truck show virginity this year! I'm going to TWO! The first one is Flat to the Mat in Cavan, Ireland, so local to us as a company. The 143 is being restored especially so her and Holly and I think a new Volvo will look great together. Although I'm resigned to the fact I'll never manage to get Holly up to the standards of regular show goers it'll be a bit of fun. I may even have some goodies to give away! The second show is a month later in Carmarthen. So local to home. I'll be on my own w

Bertie meets another fan

As the title suggests Bertie met a lovely young lady in Limerick today who's a fan of his. Who'd have thought the grumpy old chap would be so popular. She's the daughter of @liamryan1983 on that twitter, which is how we arranged to meet. Isn't technology quite something! #ONWARD>>>

Happy Friday 13th!

Hello chums. My Friday 13th is now improving slightly after a dreadful start. Looks like I may actually get home before it gets dark! A little while ago I got a message off a chap called Andy who wanted to make a model of Holly the lorry for a friends daughter. And here she is looking great. Complete with name plate in screen, name on doors and even a Bertie! I'm very impressed. I've a very busy weekend and an assignment tI wrote as well so I'm hoping to have the Denmark video up by the end of next week. Have a great weekend one and all.

My World Domination Plans Are Going Well has gone transatlantic! Good times people. Thanks to Jes Kamel via Facebook for the pics and for buying the stickers for his beautiful truck. #ONWARD>>> to America....

Bertie & Lukes Cab Cooking

Hello chums, I promised you a cooking video after putting the recipe to the vote, so here be the winning recipe cook by me in the old lorry wagon cab with Bertie (Bertie is the impartial observer)

Which Recipe Vote!

Hello chaps and woman chaps. The next video is going to be a cooking one. So I thought I'd put it out to popular vote. Here we have three Nigella recipes. Please vote on the right >>>> and I shall cook it on video for you. Have a great evening.


Huzzah people we've done it. I'm now number one on google for the search term lorry driver. Happy days indeed. It's actually quite an impressive feat if your wondering why I'm so excited. So cheers peeps, keep visiting.

Good morning