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Bertie Has A Job!

After my request for work someone offered Bertie a job because he was a fellow yellow. He’s on his way to London with a load of milk powder. So it seems he’s now the main breadwinner. Tho I doubt I’ll be seeing any of this bread So many trucks passing through my busy little town lately. Is generally a fair few being one of only 2 main rights north over this side of the country.  NOTE:- if I take yours or your companies Picture and you want an unmarked copy pop me an email and I’ll send across Hello to the chap in the handsome DAF, I rushed off as I wanted to get a better picture rather than out of rudeness! I leave bad manners to Sir Bertie. Also started a debate on Trucknet after it turns out two drivers from a certain company that shall remain nameless told their office to contact a hobby photographer to tell him to stop taking their pics! How ridiculous is that! You can of course tell me not to take your picture as you pass through town all you like but I s

Life & Work Update

Greets. Just a little update about where I am in life and work currently and a little request for work so I can start relying on myself to fill my fridge and not family, friends and you amazingly generous good people! Have a great evening everyone

#LampeterLorrySpotting 29/03/21

Just a few more pictures for you. All these were taken effectively at the same time! Was walking home from shop disappointed that I’d not got any truck snaps and BOOM! everything comes at once. I’m writing to my MP as I speak complaining of all these terrible dangerous juggernauts thundering through our little town! Be gone with you (don’t be gone with you).  Also interesting topic I was made to consider recently. There’s a hobbiest photographer, like me, that snaps trucks going through his local area. Retired gent I believe. I was astonished to discover the other day that two drivers who shall remain nameless at a company that shall remain nameless got their office to contact him to tell him to stop taking their pictures! Which I think is insane. Who do they think they are, A List celebs being snapped by paparazzi?! Personally I’ve always enjoyed seeing photographers, do you? My view is that in general the most some feel about us is apathy the worst hate so if a hobby photographer tak

#TruckingTopTips The Basics Attitude & Reliability

Hello friends. The latest in my #TruckingTopTips The Basics series aimed at young or new drivers. Hope they are providing at lest some assistance! My LinkTree with all my links-

Interesting & Exciting Ferry News!

Current Irish Ferries Flagship WB Yeats. I’m Yet To Experience This Magnificent Vessel Well, interesting and exciting to me! Ferries and shopping has always been one of my weird obsessions, always has!  My initial reaction to this news was ‘Good lord, this is a surprise & ‘they’re mad’’ but when you stop to think about it Irish Continental Group via Irish Ferries are VERY good at what they do. It takes a lot of skill to keep their position on the profitable Irish Sea for as long as they have, with the fleet they have. So rather than think ‘they’re mad’ I now feel sorry for P&O! (DFDS will be fine whatever happens, as a ferry company they don’t need Dover - Calais (& Dunkirk) in the way P&O do). So exciting times on Dover - Calais I reckon. And could be a great move for them as with the huge number of customers they already have that cross via Dover being able to tie them in with F - U.K. - IRL deals means that potentially they have a ready made customer base. I imagine

Just A Few Pictures To Mark The End Of The Week

Hello all, hope this Friday finds you well and that the week has been a success. Every week that passes is hopefully a week closer to things returning to something like normality. Hopefully. Anyhow just a few pictures taken recently in Aberaeron and Lampeter. Hoping to get the next #TruckingTopTips The Basics video out at some point this weekend and planning to do another live stream some time over the next so, I’ll let you know when when I’ve decided. Have a great weekend all.  

This Drives Me Mad! Sort Yourself Out Lampeter Drivers!¡

Hello all. Hope everyone’s week is going well and if it isn’t we’re halfway through! Not sure why I keep saying things like that when I’ve spent a career where every day is the same! Anyway a little aside today about a practice concerning car drivers especially, though trucks certainly not immune*, inconsiderate parking. Note I’m not on about double yellows when traffic can pass by easily, though double yellows are generally for a reason, no I’m talking about the sort of idiocy that happens as shown in these pics. My little town is plagued with really crap parking.  As you know I left hospital unable to walk last year and I had to learn all over again. One thing it did make plain is how many things we don’t even think about, kerbs, rough ground, crossing road etc become mountains to people less able than yourself. When you are looking down at a tall kerb you have to step off, while you’re gripping on to your crutches for dear life and giving all your concentration to just not falling o

A Brand New Week & LinkedIn

Hello all, I hope this Monday finds you well and the new week finds you off to a great start. Like many my grasp of time escapes me lately, October/November etc only feels like yesterday. But on the plus side we do seem to be finally getting it right and Covid deaths are reducing so it’s nice to think I may be about to get out and on a train to visit friends sooner rather than later (famous last words) Diolch / thank you so much for your children’s pictures and stories, I shall be updating the page with them tomorrow so will let you know. And if you haven’t sent any it’s a permanent feature so feel free to send whenever  you wish either in email or comments on various pages - Also am a fairly new LinkedIn user so all connections welcome. Link in my  LinkTree hither-  Noswaith dda, Have great evening  In case anyone ever wondered Whites F16 ended up here, in Belgium View From My Lovely Bedroom, Spring Is Coming Dublin I Think

Happy St Patrick’s Day

A very happy St Patrick’s Day to the glorious Emerald Isle. A country that means so much to me and has given me more career wise than even the UK. A second home, it always feels like arriving home when I get off a plane or a ferry and I’ve always felt my Irish story is far from over. Exciting to wonder what the next Irish chapter will be. So have a great day one and all, I’ll be raising a glass to you all later. The blog theme is also green, Bertie caused a right stink (I’m contractually obliged to keep the theme ‘Bertie Yellow’ after he took advantage of me while drunk a few years back. He’s Whatsapping his lawyer. I knew giving him a smartphone would backfire on me) (Also two middle pics are of my brother Sam, when as a child meeting up with me in London, Nolan’s employed children drivers back then* ๐Ÿ˜‚ and just married with his lovely new wife Bethan in front of my Virginia 750. What goes around comes around.) (*Was with Dad, obv ๐Ÿคช)

Companies That Give New Drivers A Chance

Good morning all, hope this day finds you well. Wet and miserable here in West Wales. Anyhow, to the point! I want to start compiling a list to put on this blog of companies who will give new drivers a chance, as anyone who has tried to get their first driving job knows the ‘no experience’ trap is common. So basically I want to hear from companies that you know FOR A FACT employ new drivers. I don’t want any of it to be dud info so please only companies you know the facts about. I will try and check up on them too. Also if you have a name and email / number for someone at said company that would be very helpful too. So what I want is ‘do they take on new passes/no experience’ drivers? Do they have any age restrictions, i.e ‘over 25’? If yes to newly qualified what sort of work do they do, what trucks they have (rigid/artic etc), if they train new drivers (I.e send them out with an experienced driver first), their location and if they have any depots and anything else you think useful.

#TruckingTopTips/ #TruckingTalkingPoints: What About My Family

Hello all. After years of being so random and sporadic with the videos I pumped out, rarely I’ve gone the other way and I’m bombarding you! This covers the issue of being a family man in this industry. Always happy to read your own personal stories and views on the subject.  My blog email for any questions or advice you may have >>> My LinkTree for all my other sites. Also tweaked my YouTube titles and put into playlists over weekend. Links Direct to playlists here >>>  #ONWARD And Have a great day all

#TruckingTopTips The Basics: Yaaay I’m a Trucker!

Hello chums. As promised here is the latest Top Tips video. And you’ll note the slight name tweak, it’s now #TruckingTopTips The Basics in an attempt to reach a wider audience. Feel free to share any of them wherever you wish. This one gives you a few pointers about what to do as a new driver with a fresh shiny licence! Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend. #ONWARD!  For any queries/advice/help >>> lorrydriverluke As ever in addition to Berties words thank you so very much for donations >>>  My various links >>>

#LampeterLorrySpotting Picture Post

Nothing much to add beyond the self explanatory title. Just some pictures of the trucks I see trundling around. All in my little town Lampeter except one in Aberaeron.  Have a good rest of day all Social Media Links

Coming up in Truck & Driver magazine

I hope this Wednesday finds everyone well, we’re nearly there, it’s all downhill from here (to weekend, not death. Hopefully). As many will know I was a writer for Truck & Driver magazine before the accident, mostly food but also Sharp End opinion pieces. Just finished two food and one Sharp End pieces so they are to come soon. I’ll let you know what issue they are in when I know myself. ONWARD! to a good day one and all

#TruckingTopTips The Basics; Country Lanes

Good morning all. I often see in middle of videos I’ve posted little #TruckingTopTips. So what with my new focus on #TruckingTopTips going forward I’ll cut them out and regularly post them here. (This is just one tip. A more detailed Country lanes #TruckingTopTips will be coming soon) #ONWARD! to a great day SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS

#TruckingTopTips The Basics: Towing Safety

Still from video on my Facebook page Hope everyone’s weekend went well. Just to share something concerning a bad practice many seem not to know- #TruckingTopTips The Basics: I see IG vids like this & I’m shouting ‘DONT STAND THERE!’ at screen. When 15 I was working driving a dumper on Haverfordwest tip & sometimes compactor had to tow a truck out. Watching one once & chain snapped & passed within a foot of me. Any closer I’d have lost my legs, if I was lucky, died if not. Left me very shaken but was a great life lesson. Won’t go near chains or cables under load at all since. Take shit like this seriously! Have a great evening all Moxy I Used To Drive

Happy Weekend All

Good afternoon friends. Hope this weekend finds you all well and that wherever you are in world the weather is being as generous to you as me, it’s beautiful spring day here in West Wales. Went for a spin to beach at Aberaeron and on my way there this video popped into my mind, my accident was of course a year ago. This is about a phone feature I and turns out many others didn’t know about that can make a huge difference if you’re incapacitated in any way helping the emergency services assist you. It’s an important feature so I’m sharing again. Android has similar.  Have a great weekend one and all. A quick #LampeterLorrySpotting  Aberaeron Beach Behold The Magnificence Of Sir Berties Handsome Face

#LampeterLorrySpotting Week Ending 05/03/21

Hello all, hope this well finds everyone well and if it doesn’t we’re nearly at end of it so hold on! Thanks for all the views and comments on the last of the Italy trip videos, all means a lot. And as always thank you for the continuing donations, I keep being gobsmacked at peoples generosity.  Not many pictures this week through town but here are the very that I managed to photograph. The next #TopTips The Basics video will be out this weekend. Have a great rest of week, Bertie says ‘you can all f**k off as far as he’s concerned’. Ever the charmer #ONWARD! My Social Media Links EDIT; Just to say I didn’t realise I’d put comments on pre approval so just found a load of comments stretching back 6 years. If you commented and I didn’t reply sorry! And I’ll be on ball now and regularly check them should you wish to start leaving them!

Me And My Sexy MAN Part 6

Hello friends. Firstly I get the number wrong on the title in the video, this is 6 not 5. I hope you enjoy, more #TopTips The Basics coming soon! Also as ever thank you so very much for the ongoing donations. It means so much.  #ONWARD!  r