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#LampeterLorrySpotting 29/03/21

Just a few more pictures for you. All these were taken effectively at the same time! Was walking home from shop disappointed that I’d not got any truck snaps and BOOM! everything comes at once. I’m writing to my MP as I speak complaining of all these terrible dangerous juggernauts thundering through our little town! Be gone with you (don’t be gone with you). 

Also interesting topic I was made to consider recently. There’s a hobbiest photographer, like me, that snaps trucks going through his local area. Retired gent I believe. I was astonished to discover the other day that two drivers who shall remain nameless at a company that shall remain nameless got their office to contact him to tell him to stop taking their pictures! Which I think is insane. Who do they think they are, A List celebs being snapped by paparazzi?! Personally I’ve always enjoyed seeing photographers, do you? My view is that in general the most some feel about us is apathy the worst hate so if a hobby photographer taking pictures it is a welcome change. If you don’t like them, why? Not looking for confrontation, just interested.


NOTE- As with all the snaps I take and post if you are driver/operator/owner etc and want a unwatermarked original version just let me know. I know most aren’t worth the effort just being casual snaps but the odd good one turns up! Email me



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