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Happy Leap Day

Hello chums. Just a little blog entry today on this bonus day. Hope life finds you well. The studying is going well, currently learning about Statutory Interpretation. It's more interesting than it sounds! Currently having a break in jolly old Watford Gap. The Irish reputation must be improving, two VOSA cars drove by and didn't even look! Good times indeed. Just heading to Boulogne for the morrow. Will hopefully start the top tips videos soon, need the cash to buy the headset style camera to make it easier. Also thinking of doing some simple stickers, maybe with the #ONWARD>>> hashtag. Again the delay has been money related and these text only ones should prove cheaper. Oh and please note the new #ONWARD>>> protocol! Anyhow time to get on with work, my Archers podcasts have finished downloading so it's time to move. Here's a couple of pics for you. An early R Series, a very tidy one at that and an old 96 vintage beauty I saw yesterda

A Twit Trundles About Part 2


A Twit Trundles About

Feel free to leave comments below chums....... ONWARD...

New Video At Weekend, Probably

Hullo chaps and lady chaps. I'm in the midst of filming yet another video for your enjoyment or annoyance so the first part should be up at the weekend as long as I find time. Should be ok I'm on a 45 this weekend. Here's another couple of old pics from days of yore. Taken when I used to go with my dad and both taken in Germany. A fine pair of Scanias. I only wish I had more pictures of random trucks. Oh well. Happy Wednesday. ONWARD...

So, back to the studying

Hello chums. I hope this cold brisk morning finds you well. This week marked the beginning of the second year of my law degree and many months of hard work now stretch ahead of me. Someone asked me if it was enjoyable and I said I'm not sure if it's actually enjoyable but it's immensely satisfying and rewarding. With the Open University you have about 16 hours of study a week. They tell you to make up a planner and plan when you are going to study and how long for etc. I can't do that since my job is so unpredictable, like most other lorry drivers jobs, so I just have to have the books to hand ready to get studying when I've a spare hour of so. I do a fair bit during the week but most I do on my weekly rests. If anyone is thinking of doing an OU course I'd say go for it. They are very well made, you progress logically and the support from your tutor and the OU is brilliant. If I can do it anyone can. Anyhow part of this message is to let you know there will be a

Good morning snow

Hello chums. Hope your having a splendid weekend. How did everyone get on with the snow last night? I've been in London for a couple of days and I sometimes feel like the rest of the country doesn't exist! I didn't think we'd get much snow in London but about 18.30 it started and within an hour or so everything was covered. Was really beautiful. A proper covering of snow in London is a rare thing. I thought I'd share this pic of Holly the lorry parked up in Smithfield Market. Lots of people on twitter really liked it, as do I. It's pretty good considering I took it on my phone, tipsy (a little) and shivering! I do like the ghostly figure walking by too. So have a spiffing Sunday. I'm just about to start work load London the head up to Birkenhead for the Belfast boat. So let's hope the country hasn't grind to a halt. I won't hold my breath though! ONWARD....


Good Saturday to you. Something of a disaster has befallen the Trundlewagon videos. They've gone! So what was supposed to be a three part will now just have to suddenly end at part 2. Not entirely sure what happened there. So many apologies if you were waiting for the third part, you'll have to make do with my cycling rant! I promise I shall get filming soon. Will get started on the 'Lukes Top Tips' one soon! So as an apology here are a few more old pictures. An Oriel Jones F12. Beautiful truck. This was my Dads first local job after we moved to Wales. He was a mechanic/driver. He's actually back there now, just as a driver. But the abattoir is now owned by Dunbia and the transport is done by a chap called Brian Thomas who was a driver back then. Another pic is the Harris Plant Hire 2800 I think. My Dad was a mechanic here and it was them that gave me my first ever driving job driving a Moxy. The bloke that drove this lorry was in his 80's I think. He could bare

Cyclists & HGVs

I thought I'd film a video response to an article in the Guardian. Well less of a response to the article that I thought was a good rational piece of writing and more a response to the nut jobs on Comment is Free who reckon HGV's are death traps that should be banned from cities. GUARDIAN ARTICLE

A Midweek Update & Radcliffe & Maconie!

Good morning one and all. Just on the ferry in Holyhead and now happily full of breakfast! As many of you may have heard I was on The Chain on Radcliffe & Maconies show on 6 Music yesterday. Was brilliant, they were fantastic to talk to and I really enjoyed it. Plus it gives me another chance to bang on about how bloody fantastic 6 Music is on here. So there be a link below if you fancy listening to me ramble on. Listen to the whole show if you've 3 hours to spare. If you've not listened to them or 6 Music before I promise you'll be hooked! If not I'm about 1 hour and 10 minutes in. RADCLIFFE & MACONIE SHOW Also I often get asked what I use to listen to 6 in my truck. I bought a Pure Highway DAB radio a few years ago and it was honestly one the the best things I've ever bought for my lorry. Digital radio as I drive about. Worth it's weight in gold. PURE HIGHWAY ON AMAZON One tip though, I found the stick on windscreen ariel it comes with next to usless i