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Good Saturday to you. Something of a disaster has befallen the Trundlewagon videos. They've gone! So what was supposed to be a three part will now just have to suddenly end at part 2. Not entirely sure what happened there. So many apologies if you were waiting for the third part, you'll have to make do with my cycling rant! I promise I shall get filming soon. Will get started on the 'Lukes Top Tips' one soon!

So as an apology here are a few more old pictures. An Oriel Jones F12. Beautiful truck. This was my Dads first local job after we moved to Wales. He was a mechanic/driver. He's actually back there now, just as a driver. But the abattoir is now owned by Dunbia and the transport is done by a chap called Brian Thomas who was a driver back then.

Another pic is the Harris Plant Hire 2800 I think. My Dad was a mechanic here and it was them that gave me my first ever driving job driving a Moxy. The bloke that drove this lorry was in his 80's I think. He could barely walk and drove that thing around at about 20 mph. Nice old boy though.

Couple of coaches as well. Clarkes of London, this was outside my parents house in Wales on a free day from a tour. This was the day before the world changed forever. 9/10 to put it the US way. I was cleaning the coach outside the hotel on 9/11 when I put radio on and heard a sombre Chris Moyles. The other is another Glider one from the year before. The snow was about 5 feet higher than the coach. I went back in my VW Camper in 2008 and the snow was barely above the little van.

So hope you found that interesting. And have a wonderful weekend one and all.

P.s apologies about the photos being in the wrong order. The blogger app is a bit rubbish at that.



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