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Throwback Thursday; Italy, 1997

#ThrowbackThursday is another Nolan’s spin with Dad in his 1838. This time Italy. We had run up from Genoa loaded but the poor little Merc had a fuel filters problem so got progressively slower and slower, which on the road up from Genoa is exceedingly slow! We had to keep stopping so Dad could clean the filters as he was doing here just before Mont Blanc tunnel. Dad had a very different career path to me, he was a mechanic for first 20+ years of his career, and a bloody good one so he could always get trucks home. I was an apprentice mechanic for a couple of years at the start but my heart wasn’t in it. Sam my brother is a mechanic and also a brilliant one, seems the cleverness skipped me 😂 As I always say to people don’t get too stressed when stuff goes wrong, because things going wrong make the best stories to look back on! And I’ve had a lot of days when stuff went very very wrong. But no one remembers those days that all went to plan! Dad always says that Nolan Transport was best

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