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Driver CPC Reviews

So the courses are going fantastically well, interesting, with good participants the time seems to fly by. And surprise surprise I’m actually fairly OK at it! This post is where people who have been on my courses to leave a review in comments for promotional purposes! Have a great weekend all.

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  1. Have done 3 courses now with Luke,if any had been crap would have done no more,so looking forward to the next when the correct module comes up.With Luke being a driver he understands when you explain the situations a driver can find himself in,that to be frank some previous instructors did not have a scooby
    Keep up the good work that man šŸ˜ƒ

  2. A big thank you to Luke. I have been seriously lapse in doing any CPC as it’s not been required for my job. I messaged him over WhatsApp to ask questions as to how to get back on track and he not only replied immediately, he was patient and helpful with answers.
    I have done 2 courses so far, my 3rd is booked. They fun, informative and helpful. As someone who is not a “trucker” I have been made to beef welcomed and included in all communication with explanations as and when needed.
    It is hard to come by a trainer like Luke, he is patient and clear and is always happy to take on views of his learners and adapt to them.
    Thank you Luke, I have been recommending you to loads of people especially with your awesome flexible times.
    100% would recommend these courses.

    1. Thank you so much! See you soon!


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