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Update & Top Tips Videos

Good morning from me, Bertie, Holly and the good ship Norbay in a misty Liverpool (pictured below). Nice easy day for us today, well not the Norbay, just a spin down to Calais to swap trailers then up to my beloved London for a 24.

So to the point. I got a bit of grief on Irish Rigs this week from a chap who basically said my videos don't really show the reality of the job and a young driver starting out would be better off watching the ones he (or his mate) make. This actually bugged me quite a bit as I try to stick as much stuff in then to help young and new drivers as possible. So anyway the upside is while shaking my fist like an angry old man I shouted to myself 'I'LL SHOW HIM, I'LL START THE TOP TIPS VIDEOS'. So that's what I'm doing. The first one I'm doing now is tachos and hours. Sort of real world stuff that it's hard to teach in a class room. Plus each video will have other little bits, like this one has fuelling at a bunker site and buying Benelux tax so far. These are very much made with new drivers in mind so nobody think I'm trying to teach my granny to suck eggs. (I never saw my gran sucking an egg!). So I'll hopefully have that some for next week. Have filmed most of it, just need to get on a ferry tI show splitting rest.

Saw these two beauties in Boulogne fish market this week. I've seen the Scania before and I think it's one of the best looking trucks I've ever seen.

Also it's been brought to my attention I don't reply to questions on here. That's going to change. I pride myself on answering everybody else where but I let the one site I should be concentrating in slip. So from now on I'll be much more involved in the comment section. So post away!


Oh and thanks for all the support on Irish Rigs, it was basically just one man having a go. I'm not leaving again!


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