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DVLA Ruining Lives. Again.

They want ‘targeted
action’ let’s give it
to them
What do you get if you cross the DVLA with a Union? Nothing because that would mean doing something. #Boom & indeed #Tish

Hello all. After seeing a tweet today from the PCS Union gearing up for more industrial action in DVLA medical department I’m going to concentrate our campaigning on that! It is after all #DriverShortage related and I’ll return to that connected issue tomorrow. They are mindlessly destroying lives with this action at this time. The DVLA is huge and they are trying to get staff numbers PER FLOOR to single figures. As truckers we are trumpeted as ‘Key Workers’, pushed out the door and told to get on with it. The Government thinking a solution to a supposed driver shortage problem is to lump more hours on overworked drivers while ignoring this DVLA bullshit.

So send me your stories of the DVLA so I can bombard the Union with this. Start giving licences levels of importance. If you’ve left a message before no need to repeat as I’ve screenshotted all comments. There is NO REASON during a backlog for the licence of Granny who drives to shop once a week to have same importance of the likes of me and thousands of others why rely on it for our WHOLE LIVES. I mean does an airline pilot* have to be in same queue as private pilots come licence time?! (Genuine question, I don’t know. Just seems unlikely!) Stop pissing about, put a proper system in place. Get things moving. Stop mindlessly calling us key workers thinking that’s enough- start treating us like key workers. NOW. Like with #DriverShortage campaign I’ll write a letter you can copy paste and send if you wish. Be up on blog later.

Sorry, went on a bit there. Between this and driver shortage I’m risking a heart attack! Don’t tell DVLA! Not that you could get through anyway!  

(*not for a second claiming our jobs are similar skills, just using as an example of a licence being important)



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