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An Update And Magnum Review!

Hello people's. Well there's nothing like a mishap to make the website hits go through the roof. Anyhow thank you all so much for your messages. I'll pick up the story from Tuesday night.

Once it was out I drive her down to the recovery garage for a check over. I sorted my stuff out and chucked some stuff into the Magnum which was to be my bed for the night. My truck was then driven back to the yard under her own steam. Drives perfectly, even all the lights work. No air leaks nothing..

So, the Magnum. I woke up to a covering of snow. Not a great start in a truck I've never driven before! I then went round to tip the load, all fine and delivered with no problems. On the way back I was looking at every ditch and how deep it was, and on a couple of occasions when the road dragged the truck towards the ditch my heart was in my mouth. I was somewhat surprised at how nice the Magnum was to drive. A very pleasant truck, the automatic gearbox and 480 engine made light work of the load I took back to yard. The gearbox was better than the Scania, but then it is an iShift. Also the bed was one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in.

Now to the bad points. Build quality is not good, the fog lights (which have now been changed) were full of water. The dash doesn't look like it'll age well. I probably couldn't live in a Magnum, the storage is shocking, not helped by the daft hammock instead of the top bunk. So all in all a good truck but I wouldn't give up a Scania for it.

When I got back to yard I washed down my poor lorry and to be honest the damage, or lack of, is startling. Looks like I clipped a hedge rather than drove it into ditch on the limiter (which is only 84kmh by the way). The company knew more about what happened than I did. They could tell exactly how hard I braked, how long for, everything. I don't even remember braking.

On Trucknet there is a topic called Scanias the good and the bad or something. This proves why Scanias are so good. It's increased my faith in Scanias no end, I really hope I'm not but if I'm ever in a bad accident again there is only one truck I want to be in. 40 tonnes flat out into a ditch and it looks like this. I doubt the Magnum would fare so well. The Chereau fridge is back on the road already.

Anyhow I'm in a tidy red Highline waiting for the boat in Rosslare. Will be back in a few days when my lovely lorry is ready to roll again.


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