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So,  here I am, sat at my desk wondering what to write. As you will know I gave up full time driving 3 months ago to move into the office, I swapped a truck for a briefcase effectively! Many questioned my wisdom in doing this, expecting me to pine for the road and that I'd soon go back driving again. I actually thought myself that I would miss driving but actually, did I? Surprisingly no, not at all. In the last 3 months I haven't for a second missed driving and love my new role. So my new job, what is it?

Virginia Logistics the company I work for have long wanted to set up a UK depot but as is often the case time was an issue, no one within the company could spare the time to set it up and employing a new person to set up a whole new division would be a bit of a risk so when I decided to stop tramping they offered me this role. To say I was over the moon was an understatement, I'd always wanted to give up full time driving before I was 40 and all of a sudden yet another dream job came my way! (Driving a 750 round Europe was the other dream job!).

So my first job was to find premises in the Midlands as close to Tamworth as possible, which actually turned out quite easy, and I'm now typing this out sat at my desk in my new office in Tamworth, or Dordon to be precise. Then it was time to get our application for a UK operators licence in which we did. I did the transport management CPC when I was 19, so after nearly 20 years its finally come in use. All is going to plan and we only have another couple of weeks before they hopefully issue us with a licence! The day that comes and some trucks arrive will be one of the best of my life! My own little haulage company to run! I dreamed of doing this as a kid but once I grew up I realised there really wasn't enough money in it to go it alone so had become resigned to the fact I'd always be an employee. But now I'm an employee in charge of my own division. To say I've found it exciting is an understatement.

So now we just have to wait. I say we, me the transport manager and Bertie the operations director. The future is looking super exciting, there is so much to come. To start with we will be helping the Irish side be more efficient, our trucks will be double manned doing deliveries and collections during the day and trunking trailers up and down to Holyhead at night but once we have this running smoothly the sky is the limit, I plan to build this side of the company up into a large successful thriving transport company. So look out fellow British transport companies, VIRGINIA TRANSPORT (UK) Ltd is moving ever ONWARD!

If you're interested in working for me or indeed doing tramping on the Irish side of the business email me at If you want to work for the Tamworth depot you will need to live fairly locally. Have a great day all.





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