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As many of you will have seen there was a 130 car pile up in Kent yesterday. Many eyewitnesses mentioned the fact that despite there being thick fog people weren't using their lights. Many car drivers, and some truck drivers, just don't understand the importance of lights.

I've had conversations with friends who were adamant that the only time to use lights was in the dark. This is utter rubbish. In fact I use my lights at all times. You can never be too visible. Its such a simple way to improve safety yet people have strange misconceptions about when to use lights. Lights should be on in ANY reduced visibility. And by lights I mean dipped headlights. Sidelights are for one thing and one thing only, parking. The thing that came across when talking about this was the belief that lights are just for the driver to see. I took the pictures above to illustrate the point that being seen is so important. In the third picture there is actually a car, level with the rear of my trailer, yet due to the fact they have no lights on they are almost invisible. All it would take is a lapse of concentration from a truck driver and that car could be shunted into the barrier with horrible consequences.




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