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Another Day Done


Great course again today. Really settling into them now and finding my feet. Thanks so much if you’ve booked, got some regular repeat bookings already. As I set out to do I was determined for it not to turn into a dull one sided affair with just me droning on, all the days I’ve done so far could be mistaken for friends having a chat if you randomly dropped in. Everyone on each course has a life time of experience that we can all take advice and ideas from and we do exactly that. Each time so far I leave with an A4 sheet covered in writing, stuff to look into, stuff to research, stuff from others I can use in future courses, it’s brilliant and thank you to those who’ve joined me so far.

Next one is a daytime one next Saturday, 4/3/23 8am. Company Image & Security. I’ve an enormous amount of experience when it comes to company image as you know so I’m quite excited about this one, one for you if you’ve ever wanted to dive into the social media world in a work capacity. I’d love it if you could join me 👍🏻

Have a great weekend all.


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