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#MythBustingTrucker Storytime!

 So my myth busting TikTok seems to be popular.  I had a former DVSA officer on Saturdays Driver CPC and this entertaining story is one of his and entirely true. Hope you enjoy! Been on my blog a few days, the blog still lives under a new name.

Was making a check of an R-series. These (as do many other makes and models) allows certain diagnostics to be done via the dash. A certain code is brought up in the ABS system if movement is detected, though the speedo has no signal. Later R-series show the exact date and time, though by plugging in some basic diagnostic kit, the earlier ones will also report the date and time of the "event".

This particular one showed that the day before, at around tea time, the fault was shown. The drivers card ejected. It was the same driver (and owner) as encountered on the day of the check.

The usual reason for this fault was the use of a magnet (or other clever device) to interrupt the signal to the tacho from the gearbox. 

I invited the driver in to the site building to ask what his initial take on things was. Initially he nominated "this bastard" that he sacked last week, which obviously can't have been the case. My initial evidence laid out still didn't prompt the confession, so I asked the driver to return to his vehicle, to make some enquiries while I would do the same. This usually gave some thinking space to either dream up another story or come clean.

Upon going to leave the office, the drivers left pocket stuck solidly to the metal entrance door with an almighty thud / twang noise. The evidence had given itself up. All professional composure went out of the window as I calmly asked the driver to "give me the fucking magnet".

Thank you Gav, I can see potential for a GIVE ME THE FUCKING MAGNET sticker! Talk soon.


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