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The Rise Of Hatred & Bigotry. Please Don’t Let It Consume You.

I’m going to talk about hate. After watching the above video I think I must. It’s in the news endlessly at the moment, it can’t be missed, migrants and the endless amount of hateful language directed at them. From our own government using war like language to talk about the issue to people online who celebrate when a boat full of desperate people goes down in channel and they all die, it’s all hate, it’s all disgusting.

It often begins with people questioning why often it’s boat loads of young men, then in the other breath they comment and asking why women and children are forced onto these boats by the men. From the get go it shows that they simply cannot ever win. People seem to think they come here on a whim, like they only decided yesterday to risk themselves and often their entire families.

Over and over people say we are full, seem to be under the illusion that we take more than anyone else, mention safe countries they’ve passed through to get to us, which is an EU convention not law, they seem to be convinced we are top destination because we give them free money then wonder on other hand wonder why they choose us. Maybe, possibly it’s because the media and people on social media constantly go on about free money and 5 star hotels. If you’ve ever done this do you not consider that you might be one of the reasons they come, stories like that? You’ve brought it on yourself.

They come here for a variety of reasons, two of biggest are language and that potentially family live here. People going through what they have done don’t want free money, they want to earn the money. Like any of us they have dreams they want to fulfill.

Often when you see stories of them being housed people that couldn’t give a shit about the homeless normally suddenly are super concerned about our homeless & veterans…..why? They want to weaponise them to attack migrants. Fact is during covid we showed that governments can do both, care for homeless and migrants. But then covid passed. With enough willpower it’s not either/or, we can do both. 

Fact is we are products of our circumstances. If you can’t see how that could be you in those boats you’re lacking imagination. We aren’t British by divine right, we’re British because we were incredibly lucky to have been born here. To be born one of the richest people on planet as we all are, no matter our income. You could just have easily been born in a devastated village watching your family fade away before your eyes. Born in a war zone. 

Often people talk about the Nazis and many wonder how on earth it ever got that far before saying how it would never happen again. It is happening again. This is how it begins, turning people against each other, governments using war like language, believing that helping those with the least takes away money that’s rightfully ours, that our lives get worse as theirs get better. This is exactly how Naziism rose and got its grip and it’s terrifying that it’s happening all over again.

Wake up before it’s too late. In 2023 the excuse that ‘I didn’t see it happening’ is a bullshit excuse. People are already dying. It is happening and it’s happening now. Bit by bit by bit it goes until we get to concentration camps. No county is immune to hate sadly, the line between democracy and tyranny is being rubbed out little by little. 

It’s happening and you can’t ignore it. Be on the right side of history


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