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Is It OK To Be Unambitious?

Is ambition essential? Should we always strive for more? Some of us just don’t want to. 

In my office last night bopping away to music writing a PowerPoint Driver CPC course and I just realised how happy it makes me. I never expected to find something that would switch me on as much as driving did but somehow I have.

That's key with an ADHD addled brain...stuff needs to switch you on. If it doesn’t it’s pointless trying to make it as it never will. It's why my brief period as a transport manager was a disaster! That & fact I don't want to manage anyone. I'm the opposite of power hungry, I'm power allergic, I don’t want to be in charge of anyone, ever.

Unfashionable to say in this modern world but all I want from my little business is a comfortable happy life. No ambitions to grow it, no ambitions to employ anyone, no ambitions to get rich. I’ve never actually had any interest in money at all. Happiness is my currency. Also explains why I’m usually broke!

It’s taken me a long time to realise there’s no shame in being unambitious. It’s driven into us that we should always want more, always climb the ladder. It’s why I got excited by and took the Transport Managers job, other people's opinion of how we should be, of what we should strive for. Learnt a good lesson tho, and means I’m now happy building my little business doing something that makes me really happy & you can’t ask for much more than that can you. 

Took me a long time to work out who I am, but I got there. And I’m so lucky, especially after 25+ years of living my dreams to start another new exciting chapter. Some people don’t get to start one. So here’s to the next 25.


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