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#ThrowbackThursday: Plain & Pretty

 #ThrowbackThursday: At Whites Transport Services Ltd I was mostly freelance and jumping from truck to truck covering holidays but I did have an allocated truck for a while. In a fleet that was full of high power flagships people are often surprised that this was my favourite. I just love how clean it looks. Only a 500 but enjoyable to drive too. Went all over in her, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria etc. very enjoyable job that, pulling out of Dunbia Llanybydder near home, formerly Oriel Jones, and a lot of my childhood was spent in Oriel Jones lorries as my Dad worked for them. 

The Best Driver CPCs In The World


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Dydd Crempog

 Hello all. Yesterday was pancake day so I made some for first time ever. They were wonderful and so easy I shan’t be buying any in shop again.

A Midweek Update & Radcliffe & Maconie!

Good morning one and all. Just on the ferry in Holyhead and now happily full of breakfast! As many of you may have heard I was on The Chain on Radcliffe & Maconies show on 6 Music yesterday. Was brilliant, they were fantastic to talk to and I really enjoyed it. Plus it gives me another chance to bang on about how bloody fantastic 6 Music is on here. So there be a link below if you fancy listening to me ramble on. Listen to the whole show if you've 3 hours to spare. If you've not listened to them or 6 Music before I promise you'll be hooked! If not I'm about 1 hour and 10 minutes in. RADCLIFFE & MACONIE SHOW Also I often get asked what I use to listen to 6 in my truck. I bought a Pure Highway DAB radio a few years ago and it was honestly one the the best things I've ever bought for my lorry. Digital radio as I drive about. Worth it's weight in gold. PURE HIGHWAY ON AMAZON One tip though, I found the stick on windscreen ariel it comes with next to usless i