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Australia Getting A Big DAF!

Australia is getting a 660 DAF. I wonder if we will see them on our shores eventually. DAF have never really played the big power game and left it to Volvo Trucks & Scania till now. The big XG+ with 660hp would be an incredibly attractive prospect.

#ThrowbackThursday; Where It All Began….

 #ThrowbackThursday - So if you’ve followed me for long you will already know I’ve had a rather ridiculous career working for every man and his dog, driving everything from vans to rigids to artics to drawbars to buses and coaches. I’m really proud of my bonkers career, it’s been absolutely amazing! But, my driving career didn’t start on the road, it started on a landfill, in a Moxy! For pretty my whole childhood Dad was a mechanic who drove on the side. I used to spend lots of time with him, going away in lorries or spending the weekend with him in the workshop. One job he had was for a local plant hire company and this was one of the best as back in those days when no one really cared much about H&S, I got to drive and play with machines in the yard. It got to point where I could lift engines and axles etc with pinpoint precision with the mini digger, helping Pops. Can’t dig a hole to save my life tho! One day one of the bosses saw me gently lifting the engine back into a Moxy (t

Is It OK To Be Unambitious?

Is ambition essential? Should we always strive for more? Some of us just don’t want to.  In my office last night bopping away to music writing a PowerPoint Driver CPC course and I just realised how happy it makes me. I never expected to find something that would switch me on as much as driving did but somehow I have. That's key with an ADHD addled brain...stuff needs to switch you on. If it doesn’t it’s pointless trying to make it as it never will. It's why my brief period as a transport manager was a disaster! That & fact I don't want to manage anyone. I'm the opposite of power hungry, I'm power allergic, I don’t want to be in charge of anyone, ever. Unfashionable to say in this modern world but all I want from my little business is a comfortable happy life. No ambitions to grow it, no ambitions to employ anyone, no ambitions to get rich. I’ve never actually had any interest in money at all. Happiness is my currency. Also explains why I’m usually broke! It’s ta

Try Me!

Excuse me while I do a bit of promotion! One of the most satisfying things in my Driver CPC journey so far is when people have just completed their first course with me they go straight online that day and book more courses! Obviously wanted to see if I was worth it. An enormous amount of my custom is repeat business, in fact I’d say well over 50% are previous customers. Only been going 3 months and several people have done all 35 hours with me already. I’ve even made friends of some. So if you’re still thinking about it go on give me a try!

#ThrowbackThursday Goes To Norway

 Here goes with another #ThrowbackThursday! Bit late today sorry. I’ve mentioned before how a regular job of Virginia was taking a Jewish group from Irelands food with them wherever they went, it had been blessed by their own Rabbi. It was a good job as it took you many places trucks might not necessarily go. Took me to Greece a couple of times, including the isle of Crete but the best one was somewhat unexpected. Information I had been given was after loading head to Denmark, Copenhagen and meet a cruise ship in the port. 8am Monday morning, great stuff, easy run up and could have a 24 hour weekly rest on the way. Got as far as I could and parked up in a service station just outside Copenhagen ready for Monday morning. 7am, up I get, and drive to the cruise terminal. Oh, that’s worrying, no cruise ships! Ring office……’who told you Monday morning?! I should have been Sunday morning!’. I’m not commenting who made the mistake but thankfully it wasn’t me! Bugger, the cruise ship has a 25

Driver CPC Reviews

So the courses are going fantastically well, interesting, with good participants the time seems to fly by. And surprise surprise I’m actually fairly OK at it! This post is where people who have been on my courses to leave a review in comments for promotional purposes! Have a great weekend all. Driver CPC Book H ere

The Rise Of Hatred & Bigotry. Please Don’t Let It Consume You. I’m going to talk about hate. After watching the above video I think I must. It’s in the news endlessly at the moment, it can’t be missed, migrants and the endless amount of hateful language directed at them. From our own government using war like language to talk about the issue to people online who celebrate when a boat full of desperate people goes down in channel and they all die, it’s all hate, it’s all disgusting. It often begins with people questioning why often it’s boat loads of young men, then in the other breath they comment and asking why women and children are forced onto these boats by the men. From the get go it shows that they simply cannot ever win. People seem to think they come here on a whim, like they only decided yesterday to risk themselves and often their entire families. Over and over people say we are full, seem to be under the illusion that we take more than anyone

Days Of Future Past; Revisiting Some Oldies!

So I’ve decided to revisit some of my old videos and where better to start than the big ladies first trip. Re uploaded and live now >>> Days Of Future Past; The Big FH16s First Run

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